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C++ Builder 5 developer's guide

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Bob is married to Yvonne and they have two internet-aware children: Erik Mark Pascal 8. Mark Cashman is a Senior Architect for Hartford Technology Services Company, from which he provides consulting on strategic and tactical architecture for a variety of application and technical areas at The Hartford.


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He has previously served in a variety of roles, including Manager of Information Systems, and Director of Software Development, and has worked for firms in manufacturing, software development, distribution, and financial services. Paul Gustavson has over 14 years of computer engineering experience supporting a wide variety of modeling and simulation, software development, and Web technology efforts.

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Paul is a co-founder of SimVentions, Inc, a software development company that develops and leverages existing technologies and techniques to create innovative applications and solutions. Join Us!

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Students Click Here. I have found that, with some help, I'm able to get around the Borland IDE pretty well and get the job done however I've been a bit frustrated with the lacking online documentation. For example, if I press F1 while on my SelectDirectory function call I do get a nice help screen that explains what the SelectDirectory function does but it doesn't provide all the various options that Borland has made available within the SelectDirectory function.

How to Setup C++Builder for Android Development

The following book is a reasonable and recent reference, however a few of the older "Sams" books are useful. The only problem with the book below is that several of the chapter are on the CD. You'll turn Chapter 2, and it refers you to the CD. Geez why Am I recomending this book???

Oh yes, because it is the best and most recent reference to Builder where hardly any books are published on the subject. I think I understand your definition of 'fun'.