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Ta kontakt med Kundesenteret. Avbryt Send e-post. Les mer. Om boka Handbook of Corporate Finance Judging by the sheer number of papers reviewed in this Handbook, the empirical analysis of firms' financing and investment decisions-empirical corporate finance-has become a dominant field in financial economics.

The growing interest in everything "corporate" is fueled by a healthy combination of fundamental theoretical developments and recent widespread access to large transactional data bases. A less scientific-but nevertheless important-source of inspiration is a growing awareness of the important social implications of corporate behavior and governance.

Westerhoff , Lines and Westerhoff , Lines 3 See,e.

Types of Financial Markets - Money Market, Capital Market, Currency Markets

Medio and Lines For the sake of simplicity, however, we will ignore such objections. Agents merely differ over their sets of expectations. Moreover, this steady state corresponds to Eqns That is to say, in a world where there is uncertainty about the 10 and 11 , i. For these reasons, we olative predictor is supposed to decrease with the deviation will focus our stability analysis on this fixed point. Or put differently, the more to be able to apply the linear stability conditions presented in pronounced a boom is, the more likely speculators will become the previous section, we have to linearise our nonlinear system pessimistic and believe that the current boom will come to an around that fixed point.

In this case, the individual entries of end. Following De Grauwe et al. Thereupon, the state, sF , is normally distributed. From top to bottom, these possible bifurcations are Overall, aggregate expectations flip, pitchfork and Neimark-Sacker. If we compare of expectations. As we will see in the further numerical nality, see e. Sutherland Moreover, Leeson gives numerous discussion, in particular the latter scenario leads to quite examples of how even some of the weirdest human actions and practices, interesting endogenous dynamics with coexisting attractors.

It will also become clear that into a macroeconomic framework. Anufriev et al. In our model, 10 To be precise, violation of Eqns 28 to 30 is in each case merely this approach may also be understood along the lines of Frankel and Froot a necessary condition for the proposed bifurcation to occur. However, most : the demand for foreign exchange is crucially driven by the demand researchers in the economics profession accept these conditions to be both of one representative agent portfolio manager who, in turn, uses a weighted necessary and sufficient if the predicted bifurcation can be numerically average of the different predictions of professional forecasters.

To this end, we will Furthermore, this fixed point is clearly locally Rather, both variables fluctuate around sext their fundamental equilibria in a regular and cyclical manner. That is to say, Accordingly, a large fraction of agents expect the This increase in demand, sexp However, First of all, a rising 0 20 40 60 80 exchange rate will have a depressing effect on net exports, on time national income and, via the money market, on the domestic 1.

For any given foreign interest rate, in turn, a 0. Moreover, this 0. As we have already discussed, time the more the exchange rate increases and deviates from its long-run fundamental value in the progress of the boom, the Fig. Hence, the more pronounced the boom predictor in a simulation run for our default parameter setting.

These pessimistic agents will then start to sell home currency or buy foreign currency with the result that the value of the former actually declines. Overall, and as a consequence of all these effects, the exchange rate is then subsequent appreciation of the home currency. However, as the gap In the light of these events, extrapolative expectations may between the exchange rate and its fundamental values declines, clearly be understood to have a destabilising effect on dy- extrapolative expectations will regain prominence.

But since namics, whereas regressive expectations may be regarded as a the exchange rate may have fallen below its fundamental value, stabilising force. Based on our numerical example, one may speculators now extrapolate a negative trend and suppose thus come to the conclusion that, for example, an increase in the home currency will depreciate further.


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However, such a view is the exchange rate is increasingly driven below its long-run too simplistic and may be misleading in the context of a com- equilibrium value. The evolution of the exchange rate is now plex nonlinear model with multiple equilibria and coexisting trapped in a downturn in the course of which the growing attractors. As we will see in the next section, our model is able distortion and increasing popularity of regressive expectations to produce a broad range of dynamics and, particularly, more will set the stage for another reversal of the trend, i.

However, in reality there are indefinitely many possible values y For this reason, we now attempt to develop a greater understanding of the Both diagrams are depicted A longer transient of 10, Moreover, and for the sake of simplicity, the corresponding output is restricted to illustrate the evolution of domestic income. For instance, local stability is entirely independent of parameter Accordingly, we do not observe convergence to the funda- mental steady state within our default parameter setting for y The diagram also clearly reveals that the amplitude of the cyclical movements Or put differently, the higher the adjustment speed convergence Each impact on dynamics.

The on the axis. The other parameters are identical to those in corresponding bifurcation diagrams show that our dynamical the default parameter setting. The fundamental steady state, system converges to its fundamental steady state for low y F , is indicated by the dashed line. In for different starting values to reveal the coexisting attractors. Though an increase in the trend extrapolation parameter is violated. Moreover, the combination of our analytical and rate and business cycle fluctuations with increasing amplitude numerical results also suggests that this gain in stability takes arise once the fundamental fixed point has lost its stability place via a subcritical Neimark-Sacker bifurcation.

That is in the above-mentioned bifurcation scenario. In this respect, to say, each stable alternative fixed point is surrounded by an extrapolative expectations may obviously be regarded as a unstable limit cycle. By nature, these unstable limit cycles are source of instability. However, the bifurcation diagrams in Fig.

Our unstable fundamental equilibrium may coexist with a alternative fixed points, y 2 , s2 and y 3 , s3. Based on the stability analysis we present in the appendix, we may then 11 See, e. This collision then However, convergence towards a particular steady Interest- s0 s0 ingly, this increase does not have to be permanent.

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Once the trajectories are confined in the basin of attraction of one of the alternative steady states, domestic income will converge to this fixed point even if the old parameter value is gradually restored in later periods. The basins of attractions for each alternative steady state our default parameter setting our fundamental steady state are depicted in grey, i.

First of all, limit cycle. The higher the marginal propensity to consume, the steady states. Second, these coexisting attractors may also be more likely our system will be unstable. In turn, a higher used as a starting point for a rather unorthodox policy to marginal propensity to import tends to have a stabilising stabilise dynamics. It follows from this that a stabilising This policy is illustrated in Fig. For instance, consider a situation in which the either consume less or to import more or tantamountingly to trend extrapolation parameter is quite high and is given by consume fewer domestic goods.

The bifurcation diagram confirms that — once the Finally, Fig. Hence, the more responsively exports react to changes in the floating exchange rate, the more likely our system will be y All other parameters are identical to those in our different starting values. Again, each parameter is increased default parameter setting.

Again, the fundamental steady state in discrete steps as indicated on the axis while all other is indicated by the dashed line. Obviously, the fundamental parameters remain fixed. Depending on initial conditions, we steady state is unstable over the whole range of parameter may observe a convergence to one of the coexisting equilibria, combinations.

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  • However, we may observe convergence to one y 2 and y3. The unstable fundamental steady state, y F , is of the coexisting alternative steady states or towards a stable depicted by the dashed line. In this paper we explore the dynamics of a small open Again, we are able to observe coexisting attractors in all three economy which is connected to the world economy via imports diagrams, i. In if Eqn 29 is violated such that the fundamental steady state particular, we consider the case of completely open capital is locally asymptotically unstable.

    Moreover, for both fixed markets such that demand and supply of either foreign or points the Jacobian of our linearised dynamical systems reads domestic currency will be crucially driven by differences in! The motion of national income and the exchange rate is then described by a simultaneously hold. It can be said, points.

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    In particular, in the latter case our model is able to generate stable limit cycle Allen, H. Taylor Charts, noise and funda- dynamics. These dynamics are created endogenously within mentals in the london exchange market. The Economic our model and no external shocks are necessary to explain or Journal , 49— Assenza, C.

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    Hommes, and D. Massaro Instead, dynamics are crucially driven Interest rate rules with heterogeneous expectations. With respect to working paper, University of Amsterdam. Monetary policy, stock price misalignments an ambiguous effect of extrapolative expectations on stabil- and macroeconomic instability. Working paper, Hanken ity. Due to coexisting attractors, an increase in the strength School of Economics.

    Hommes A rational route to and a stabilising impact on dynamics. In contrast, regressive randomness. Brock, W. Heterogeneous beliefs and routes to chaos in a simple asset pricing model. Dieci, and X. He Heterogeneity, market mechanisms, and asset price dynamics. Hens Straightforward calculations reveal that the two alternative and K. They are respectively pp. San Diego: North-Holland.

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    The Origin of Financial Crises. Dewachter, and M.

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