Knit Socks!: 17 Classic Patterns for Cozy Feet

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A new chart provides alternative yarn weights and the corresponding number of stitches needed for each of the patterns and sizes. Knitters might also want to experiment with two circular needles.

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Or four double points. There's advice here for adapting any pattern to any type of needle. With all the variations and possibilities, Knit Socks!

Knit Socks!: 17 Patterns for Cozy Feet

Creative knitters will find an endless array of exciting options for keeping feet comfortable, warm, and beautiful. Download Knit Socks! Find Susie on Ravelry as prairiegirlsusie. A lovely, colourful pattern inspired by the moving staircases at Hogwarts in J. Erica goes into great detail with this pattern to ensure even the greenest knitters can keep up.

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Available as a free pattern from Dreams in Fiber. Katharina tells us that her inspiration for this design was simply to find a crochet sock pattern that actually fits! These bright, colourful cosy socks have a really unique spiral detail on the heel which is certain to grab the attention of avid crocheters everywhere.

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Available as a free, downloadable pattern on Ravelry. Find Katharina on Ravelry as Ohh I love it!

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She includes a very straightforward description with lovely, clear progress photographs. Find Melody on Ravelry as Fibermania. Geena states that she was inspired to create this pattern by a pair of machine-knit socks she saw in a Korean dollar store. If they are new to the craft make sure to include knitting needles or hooks so they can get right to work! Below are the direct links to all the books pictured in the showcase. Perfect for advanced beginner to advanced knitters.

source Inspired by nature and the treasures of ancient cultures, they have elevated sock knitting into an art form. This is such an amazing idea to gift these types of amazing socks.

Knitting Tutorial - Socks on 9" Circulars

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