Normative Theory and Business Ethics

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The Normative Theories of Business Ethics: A Guide for the Perplexed

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Moral Theories (Normative Theories of Ethics) | Ethical Realism

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  • Both ethical theories developed to establish and justify a set of different moral rules and principles. Utilitarianism, otherwise known as consequentialism, is an ethical theory that sees the best moral decision is one that maximizes utility, which implies that no moral decision is intrinsically right or wrong. Deontological ethics or Kantian ethics is a normative ethical theory that judges the morality. In order to decide whether Marvin faces an ethical dilemma or not, one must recognise the definition of an ethical dilemma.

    He also describes these choices as difficult or uncomfortable decisions that have to be made. Ethical dilemmas are conflicts between two morals that compete within a situation. For example, the manager of a local gym finds out that one of his.

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    Unsure what to do and worried about losing her job it appears Jean is facing an ethical dilemma. This dilemma will be subsequently discussed using the Kantian perspective and the contrasting utilitarian perspective. Ethical and Philosophical Questions about Value and Obligation I Recall the distinction between metaethics and normative ethics. Normative ethics deals with substantial ethical issues, such as, What is intrinsically good?

    get link What are our moral obligations? Metaethics deals with philosophical issues about ethics: What is value or moral obligation?


    Are there ethical facts? What sort of objectivity is possible in ethics? How can we have ethical knowledge? Recall, also, the fundamental. Discuss in teams the same case study that was introduced in Seminar One. Preserve these notes for comparison with their analysis of the same ethical dilemma at the beginning of the module. Take personal journal notes of their revised impressions and feelings about the case. We want you to re-analyse the ethical dilemma case. This will. Essay Questions: How does the situation facing John constitute an ethical dilemma?

    Using two normative theories of ethics comment on the ethical aspects of the situation. Business is an organisation or economic system where products and services are traded for money, a product or services. Businesses need investment or customers to make a profit and survive. In business, ethical issues may arise for example false advertising, misleading the public, exaggerations and disclaimers. In this case study the ethical issue identified is an exaggeration of how much the company makes and falsifying of documents by signing off on an order that has not yet been finalised.