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If you take out that part of it this would have been a winner. I liked the story and the suspense, but could have done without the very long, explicit, sex "scenes". Story could hold its own without most of them.

11 Times 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Was Just Like 'Twilight', Lip Biting Obviously Included

I love that Audible is putting Linda Howard's older books on audio. The narrator is great! Hopefully Audible will put Kill and Tell on audio. Thanks Audible!! I really liked this book when I read it. Your audiobook is waiting…. Shades of Twilight. By: Linda Howard.

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Narrated by: Natalie Ross. Length: 13 hrs and 3 mins. Categories: Romance , Contemporary. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary Dear listener, Shades of Twilight is the story of Roanna Davenport, who grows up in a wealthy southern family but never quite fits in. She isn't pretty or popular, and she has a real talent for saying the wrong thing at precisely the wrong moment. She's in love with a distant cousin, Webb Tallant.

But Webb marries their cousin Jessie, the bane of Roanna's life. When Jessie is found murdered, Webb is blamed for her death, even though there isn't enough evidence to charge him. Webb leaves town, and Roanna is left to pick up the pieces. All of her life, Roanna has tried to win the love of her grandmother, of Webb, and of her extended family - and every time she's been slapped down.

She's had enough.

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Roanna withdraws from the family, and that's when her grandmother, Lucinda, realizes how very important this misfit is to all of them. Lucinda tries to make amends to Roanna by setting in motion a chain of events that brings Webb back home.

But the plan disturbs a killer who is set on vengeance - and this time, the whole family seems to be the target. I hope you enjoy Shades of Twilight. Sincerely, Linda Howard. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Inkland, Literature It's about time! Blee Medel Excellent Narration This is not my favorite Howard book by a long shot but Natalie Ross does an excellent job with the narration. LeftyMom North Carolina Interesting ending This book was very different Worth every penny!!

What happened Linda? What's up with all the incest. Hollister Generally a good story I liked the story and the suspense, but could have done without the very long, explicit, sex "scenes". C o fallon, MO, United States Loved this audio!! Mike Somewhere in Idaho More information about this seller Contact this seller. Items related to Shades of Twilight. Shades of Twilight. Linda Howard. Publisher: Pocket Books , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title Roanna Davenport enjoys a passion for horses and a deep love for her cousin, Webb. Buy New Learn more about this copy. This is the opposite of what many girls are told to preserve their chastity, to stop aggressive boys and so it makes a lot of sense that this fantasy—in which Bella can be the sexual aggressor and Edward keeps her purity intact—would appeal.

Even if purity is bullshit. Seema : In Twilight the last book , they talk about sex quite a bit after Edward and Bella get married. It was written in such a way that you had to think about it. Cynthia : Even though Twilight preaches abstinence and the readers are never given too many graphic details, the series is written in the language of fetishes. I felt that the Harry Potter books had a new energy once the characters hit puberty. In Narnia , characters like Susan and Peter are banned from the magical world once they hit puberty.

Seema : I was a bookish, nerdy kid growing up, so I really related to Hermione.

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I found the other two characters hard for me to relate to. They were too plain, too average at everything and were not really special until they found their male counterparts.

Shades of Twilight

That really bothered me. Davida : I personally identify with Hermione the most. I too favor male companions over females, and my life would not be complete without books and education. Sarah : I was a total Hermione. People made the comparison all the time, and I found it somewhat embarrassing at the time but now I love it.

Debbie : I was originally. I hid it from others and never discussed it with anyone.

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But as I looked further into it I noticed that so many people read and enjoyed talking about it. Now I am an avid romance reader for both erotic and normal romance. Davida : Never with Harry Potter.

source url I read Fifty Shades on my kindle, so no one knew I was reading it. Cynthia : I felt I had to explain myself every time I mentioned the Twilight series. I would not brandish a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey in public, but when it was first published and people were buzzing, it was an interesting conversation starter. Sarah : Initially, I felt a kind of shame about Twilight in feminist and writer circles. Pleasure reading, particularly of something retrograde and even offensive, was frowned upon. But I feel like internet culture has allowed the ironic enjoyment of this stuff much more recently.

Seema : It attracted me. I love to read. I think any story that engages a nation like these three series did is worth my time to read. Cynthia : The popularity of these books attracted me. Davida : I always hated things that were popular, even back then. I read Twilight in high school just before the movie came out. I absorbed the book, quickly searching for more.