The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings

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PLUS: A wedding timeline checklist, vow writing exercise, sample menus, budget worksheet and more.

The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Weddings

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Wedding planning is never easy—but for gay and lesbian couples, it presents unique challenges. On top of watching the budget and wrangling your family, you may be wondering: How should we word the invitations? Who can perform the ceremony? And sage wisdom, with a wink!

Rule 1: If you invite them, they may come! Tess Ayers has worked in advertising and graphic design, written for game shows, and was a producer on a number of television talk shows. In the years since then, Ayers has been busy raising their son, and works on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations.

When the honeymoon was over, they collaborated on the first version of The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings. Currently, Brown is working on a vocabulary and reading comprehension program for students with learning differences. He has never been married himself but he sure knows how to plan a wedding.

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The Best Wedding Planning Books for LGBTQ+ Couples

Read Aloud. Learn More. Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More featuring weddings. See more. Though Tess and Paul, our pioneering scribes, are able to explore the heavier questions about the legal implications of same-sex marriage and the importance of creating a celebration for a union to last a lifetime, they are equally effective when digging into topics like the minutiae of invitation wording, choosing a band and changing your name -- all with humor and a well-organized approach.

And, let's be honest, a good sense of humor and strong organizational skills are prerequisites for any couple embarking on its wedding planning journey! Not surprisingly, "The Essential Guide" has always been a popular product in my boutique and I was thrilled to hear that the book had been slated for an updated release. Though same-sex couples now have many great resources to choose from when it comes to finding planning advice and inspiration -- both in print and online -- there is something to be said about the one which, at its core, has always been there for us. But don't take my word for it.

Listen in on my chat with Tess Ayers and Paul Brown and decide for yourself:. The gay wedding landscape has changed dramatically since you published the first edition of "The Essential Guide to Gay and Lesbian Weddings" in -- the very first wedding planning guide of its kind, I might add! Are you surprised that gay marriage is now legal is so many states and the District of Columbia? Paul : Honestly?

I never thought I would see such an unfazed attitude towards gay folk. I grew up believing that gay culture had its own sense of humor and particular style. We became more socially mature and to many that means stability, commitment and marriage. Tess: When I had my totally non-legal wedding ceremony in , I never envisioned same-sex marriage equality happening in my lifetime. People were really curious about same-sex weddings because they were so rare.

But here we are, in the middle of a national conversation about it.

My year-old son watched his two mothers legally marry two years ago -- amazing! Given the wider acceptance of same-sex marriage, civil unions, and commitment ceremonies today, how has the advice you offer changed in this most recent edition? Paul: Earlier on there were more issues around dealing with homophobia as you chose a chapel or went to buy rings with your partner.

We still look at all the coming-out issues, but this time we made an extra effort to give the reader the hard facts on how to spend wisely. Many same-sex couples want a wedding but don't feel that they can throw down big bucks right now.

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Often they have been together for a long time or, sadly, there isn't the expected family support that came when their sister Sue married Scott, so there is a lot about being a creative consumer. Tess: When we originally wrote this, there was no Internet, so if you lived in a small town somewhere and wanted a two-groom wedding cake topper, you needed us to give you an actual "mail-order" source!

Thankfully times have changed and so have attitudes, and we're able to concentrate more on the quality of the toppers or the uniqueness of certain vendors. What inspired you two to work together and write the "Essential Guide" in the first place? Paul: I had just moved to California with my partner Rick and met Tess and Jane and knew they were going to get married. I really thought, "how LA. Tess and I were explaining the event to Charlotte Sheedy, a mutual friend, who happened to be a book agent.

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And so it began. How would you compare the response you received to the announcement of your book release in the late 90's to the response you are receiving today? A ritual of union and a homosexual case study show the psychological basis to be the family of origin, generational patterning and systems approach. The project emphasizes the role of the participating clergy and the importance of the doctoral program to the author.

Kingma, Daphne Rose, Weddings from the Heart: Ceremonies for an Unforgettable Wedding A book for those who do not want a traditional wedding, comes complete with five different ceremonies.

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Couples can use one ceremony in its entirety, mix and match parts of the five, or incorporate selections into their own church's ceremony. Also helps deepen the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of the ceremony. O'Brien, Dennis. Pierce, Susan E. The Pope's comments were made in a letter on family values.