The Role of Human Rights in Foreign Policy

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Human Rights and Foreign Policy: A Proposal

Our Faith. Foreign Policy. Posted Friday, July 12, pm. Commission on International Religious Freedom hailed the announcement.

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Shannon Lindsey Blanton and David L. Cingranelli

She has a long and distinguished career within the diplomatic corps of the United States, with postings across Europe and the Middle East. She was a Fulbright Fellow to Sweden in She earned her Ph. Carlson-Rainer teaches university courses in democracy and human rights, U. Sign up now to receive the InHomelandSecurity eNewsletter. Jump to navigation.

The Human Rights organs of the United Nations have been-to use a typically American term-great on production but poor in distribution. Since the adoption of the Charter in , making the promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms a purpose of the organization, the members have produced a cornucopia of papers proclaiming principles and goals which almost no state dares contradict publicly, but which few observe conscientiously, and which fewer still embrace to the point of allowing their practices to be inspected.

Twenty years after its adoption, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights remains a declaration universally praised but seldom taken by nations as an across-the-board program for domestic practice.

The international conference held in Tehran last spring was heralded as a major forum for review and planning, yet, in large measure, it became an exercise in acrimony, focusing on Arab anti-Israel grievances and the problems of Southern Africa. A few weeks earlier, the Human Rights Commission had turned down the idea of examining the condition of human rights in Greece and Haiti-a proposal of its own Sub-Commission on Discrimination.

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And several months before that, a committee of the General Assembly had amended the text of the Commission's draft Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Religious Intolerance, rendering it completely unacceptable to most of the religious communities of the world, as well as to a great many states.